Knee Osteoarthritis


The main symptoms: crunching of joints, limitation of mobility, joint stiffness and pain

The reasons:

Age: Progressing in age
The most common causes of Knee Osteoarthritis

Genetic factors

Excess weight: It is one of the most important factors that lead to Knee Osteoarthritis, especially in women where the excess weight represents an overload on the surface of the cartilage of the joint

Age: After the age of fifty, the incidence of coarseness in the knee increases in women more than men

Knee injuries: For example, inflammation, fractures, rupture of ligaments or cartilage

Frequent stress of the knee: such as frequent landing and climbing stairs and sitting for long periods in squatting and violent sports


Excessive intake of meat and
Legumes, which increases the proportion of uric acid and is what causes the roughness of the knee


Pain in the knee joint

Some queues may appear

You may hear the sound of friction inside the joint as you move it, because of the corrosion that has occurred

Muscle contractions and spasms occur around the affected knee joint

Decreased range of joint movement

Curvature of the legs


: MRI (to detect the stage of arthritis as the 4th stage can not be treated by means of stem cell therapy)


1. Preparatory – rehabilitating stage – physiotherapy, shock-wave therapy; if necessary – drug correction of inflammation and supplying the joint (hyaluronic acid).

2. Regenerative stage – fibroblasts of soft tissues into joints to start the process of restoring the cartilages; pluripotent multifunctional stem cells intravenously for normalization of metabolism and formation of new vessels; additional preparations – placenta, growth factors.

In particular cases patient’s own stem cells taken from fat or blood are used.

3. Monitoring (conducted distantly) – includes physiotherapy and exercise therapy; control of MRI in 6 months; recommendations

The stem cells of the same person are taken from the blood and fat of the patient and injected into the joint to supplement the reconstruction of the affected areas

Duration of treatment: 10 days