Stem cell therapy

Methods of Treatment
Methods used before stem cell transplantation

  1. detoxification

  2. Remove infections

  3. Remove allergy

    Innovative methods to improve stem cell work:

    (Stem cell insertion methods are combined by intravenous injection, intramuscular injection, and injections at biologically active points

    Physiotherapy treatment and medical equipment for the best possible result

    Advantages of our stem cell therapy:

    There are no side effects of treatment

     The improvement starts from a period of 3 months and lasts for several years

     Minimize the use of medicines, until they are permanently dispensed with

     The possibility of dispensing with surgical treatment

     Prevent the development of serious complications of chronic diseases, heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, blindness, gangrene and impotence

Treatment Advantages of our center :We have treated more than 1500 cases from different regions of the world (Arabian Gulf, Middle East, United States, Europe and Southeast Asia)
Treatment In this way you can dispense with the medical treatment of chronic diseases requiring life-long, often expensive, medical treatment

Stem cell therapy
The basic principles of stem cell therapy in our center.

Comprehensive medical consultation by an integrated medical team of different specialties
Develop an integrated and special treatment program for each individual case where it depends on the development of alternative plans to minimize medicines and drugs as much as possible
The integrated treatment program at our center is the only program of its kind that adopts the principle of mixing different types of cells and treatments supporting them with medical devices and effective physiotherapy

The results of diabetes treatment
Minimize insulin to the point of complete elimination.
Eliminate the complications of diabetes: neuropathy, pain in the legs and heat and the feet disappear as a maximum during 3 days of treatment,
prevention of renal failure restore sexual function.
Erectile Dysfunction: Recovery of sexual life without medication and without surgery.
The results of treatment of infertility in men: the birth of children through increasing the number of sperm, and dispensing with laboratory fertilization.
results of rehabilitation after stroke: help patients to stand and walk without a wheelchair.
The results of angina pectoris: through the formation of new crown vessels without the use of stents.
Arthritis treatment results: eliminate pain, restore vitality and joint movement.