Erectile Dysfunction


Erectile Dysfunction

Our Center has developed a unique, integrated and non-existent program at any other center for the diagnosis and treatment of infertility and sexual dysfunction. This program combines stem cell therapy, injection into the penis and other assistive therapies such as shock wave therapy and air aspiration therapy.

Infertility in men is a disease that means the inability of men to make pregnancy in fertile females and for many reasons, including

Dysfunction in the hormone F.S.H and
LH hormone

High milk hormone levels in men

Low male hormone (Testosterone)

Lack of natural sperm count

Total lack of sperm

Erectile dysfunction :is the weakness of the ability of men to erect their penis and lack of sensitivity to sexual desire for long periods and its causes and many of them

Anxiety and psychological state

Cardiovascular disease

Hormone imbalance

Some diseases (diabetes, heart disease and others)

Prostate dysfunction

Nerve dysfunction


1. Examination of psycho-neurological factors (anxiousness, depression, sleep disorders, sensitiveness of penis)

2. Hormones – levels of testosterone, glycated hemoglobin

3. Vascular factors: dopplerography of vessels of penis

4. Inflammatory factor – examination of prostate, urine

Check of semen in case of infertility

Treatment by stem cell in our center:

1. Preparatory stage – acupuncture, vitamins, detoxification, sleep correction, shock-wave therapy to activate own progenitor cells of the penis tissues, vacuum therapy

2. Regenerative therapy – injection of stem cells into penis to recover vessels and tissues; brain neurocells to regenerate neurological providing of erection

3. intravenous and subcutaneous injection of fetal and placenta cells to recover hormonal balance.

4. Monitoring – distant communication with the patient to correct and minimize drug therapy.

Duration of treatment – 5 days