Alzheimer’s disease

The main problems of the patient with Alzheimer’s disease are helplessness and disorientation. Mechanisms of development of the disease are not completely researched today, but it is commonly known that the changes happen at intracellular level. It leads, first of all, to disorders of the main – informative function of brain. Patients with Alzheimer’s disease lose memory, feel difficulties in speech and disoriented. In a while it leads to complete social dysadaptation and inability to self-service.
Diagnostics is based on the examination by experienced neurologist and brain MRI that detect atrophy of cortex of the temporal area.
Absence of effective methods of treatment make Alzheimer’s disease makes stem cell therapy the only method to facilitate patient’s life and achieve remission.

The course of treatment in our medical center lasts 5 days and consists of the following:
1. Preparatory stage – examination of neurologist, brain MRI, Re-Oxy therapy (so-called “breathing gymnastics” – imitation of highlands) that prepares cells and tissues of the brain to receive stem cells.
2. After the preparation, the infusion of pluripotent (multifunctional) fetal stem cells intravenously and injection of fetal brain cells into biologically active spots are conducted.
3. The patient receives recommendations and at the monitoring stage stays in contact with us to minimize the dose of medications.
Expected results: the use of regenerative therapy (stem cells) gives an opportunity to slow the progression of the disease and reduce the complaints.