Autism & Developmental Delay

The first signs of autism reveal themselves when parents start to notice in the child the following:

– speech delay, frequent use of various sounds, repeating words and phrases. The child can say only separate words without forming a sentence.

– the child avoids eye contact, doesn’t listen to the requests of parents

– episodes of aggression (in the attitude to himself (tearing hair, biting fingers) as well as in the attitude to others)

– disorders of social behavior (difficulties in communication with fellows, decrease of memory concentration)

The diagnosis: is made according to complex psycho neurological examination. To exclude the other reasons of the disease, MRI, EEG and other methods of diagnostics can be conducted.

Today there are no classical methods of autism treatment. All available medications that are used in autism are aimed to decrease the hyperactivity, aggressiveness and other symptoms.

The most effective non-medication methods are methods of behavioral therapy, social adaptation, and animal therapy.

The use of complex regenerative therapy gives an opportunity to stimulate inner strength of the body, model the work of neural cells which leads to the decrease of complaints and disease symptoms. Regenerative therapy gives good results in combination with non-medication methods of treatment.

Duration of treatment is in average 5 days. It consists of intravenous injection of pluripotent stem cells, injection of fetal brain cells into biologically active points.

Expected results: depend on the parents’ actions after the treatment and on the accuracy of keeping recommendations. If all the conditions are kept, the long-term strong effect is possible – normalization of the child’s condition, his or her social, emotional and speech behavior.