This is based on early detection, prevention and treatment of diseases. At the Family Medical Center, we commit our patients to prolong their healthy lives through the use of cells Stem for diseases related to aging and treatment

Anti-aging program includes the renewal of the internal organs of the body and improve its functions and correct the sleep and metabolism, and the sexual function and appearance of the person in the program are involved doctors in several areas (endocrine, neurologist, orthopedics, urinary tract, sex, cosmetic) (The hormones, the nervous system, the cardiovascular system), and the patient’s desire to improve the external appearance (face, hands, neck, etc.) and to establish a treatment program for each person according to the results of the Tests and analyzes

Anti-aging treatment in our stem cell center is carried out in several stages

  • Detoxifixation (drug detoxification, methods of blood purification, physiotherapy, rehabilitologist, cosmetological procedures)

  • Regenerative therapy – injection of stem cells:

-Multifunctional stem cells (intravenously and into penis to form new vessels, to improve metabolism)

-Brain stem cells (into points of acupuncture to improve sleep, memory and working ability)

-Placenta stem cells (subcutaneously to improve the immune system and hormonal balance)

  • Cosmetic program

  • Facial Masks: Face masks are used and manufactured in our laboratories
    Stem cells and biomaterials

Facial cosmetic injections of embryonic fibroblasts that produce collagen where these masks and injections from Botox and other injections in the face as well as face-lift to the effect of deep in the nutrition of the face

Physical treatment of the face according to the latest international specifications of face tightening and regeneration
Cells, this integrated and integrated program to get the best possible results

Include major improvements observed:

Reduce skin lines and wrinkles

More refined and supple skin

Smooth skin and open with less pigmentation

Follow-up stage after treatment: Perform the tests in 3 and 6 months after treatment and send it to us and we will give you the necessary advice from our doctors

The treatment program is 5 days, and if there are special wishes for cosmetic treatment, the treatment period can be extended to 10 days or more